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Welcome to the website of Stroud Constituency Labour Party

 David Drew Elected as Chair of Stroud CLP.


Following a packed Annual General Meeting held in Stonehouse on Friday 8th. July 2016 David Drew and a new team of officers and role holders was elected to take Stroud CLP forward for the next 12 months. 


 Join Labour and start the fight-back

The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party. We believe by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few. Where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe. And where we live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

At our meetings we discuss national and local policy issues, hear reports from our Labour councillors. We plan our campaigns and other activities. Stroud Constituency Labour Party has tripled in size since the General Election. We believe the government is making the wrong cuts at the wrong time: its actions are likely to plunge us back into recession. The cuts are also impacting more on the most vulnerable in our society. There is an alternative, both locally and nationally. Why not join us and campaign with us for a fairer strategy to tackle our economic problems? You can join here – it costs as little as £1 a month.

There are so many people who are suffering and who need that fairer strategy. The woman at the foodbank because her zero hour contract doesn't pay enough to live on. The man having to leave his home after his disabled son dies and suddenly he has a spare bedroom. The women who can't work because they can't afford childcare.  People waiting in pain for months for surgery. Our NHS is at creaking point, our green fields are under threat from developers, and climate change is being ignored in favour of subsidising fossil fuels.

Stroud nominates Jeremy Corbyn for re-election as Labour Leader

Labour Party members in Stroud Constituency have made a supporting nomination of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party. Meeting on 10 August, members held a debate on the qualities of the candidates and resolved to place the name of Stroud as supporting Jeremy Corbyn. A national ballot of individual members, registered supporters and registered affiliates runs from 22 August. The result will be announced on 24 September. We look forward to working the national party and leadership in campaigning to reduce inequality and to hold this Tory Government to account. Our membership is increasing dramatically - to join us and work with us go to

Register to vote -

Tory changes to registration mean that everyone needs to register individually to be able to vote - don’t lose out!

Stroud Labour office opening hours

Our Stroud office is at 5a Lansdown, Stroud (open 11-12.30 Mondays to Friday and 10-12 on Saturdays). You can email for more information.

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